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We have teams of international lawyers that provide first class legal advice & services on the Costa del Sol, some of which have become reference points in the local legal community and specialists in multidisciplinary legal advice to companies.

We know that a first class service means not only giving expert advice and assistance but also ensuring that our clients are always up to date with anything that might affect them or their business. By creating this collection of lawyers we have given you access to all of the expertise you will ever need, because we have access to lawyers from EVERY area of profession.

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Areas Of Profession

Real Estate Law

Since we first started, we have witnessed an exponential increase in the number of real estate operations along the Costa del Sol and Spain. With lawyers throughout the province of Málaga, as well as other key locations in Andalusia and the rest of Spain, our legal team will do everything possible to assist you. The department of Real Estate Law is made up of 15 specialist lawyers, assisted by 10 paralegals, whose main objective is making it easy for you.

The purchase of a home is one of the most important investments an individual makes, the mortgage agreement will entail a series of formalities that must be given full attention. Therefore, having the presence of a lawyer is essential to avoid legal problems and tax issues arising from the purchase of a property: errors in the approach and execution of the contract, payment of supplies on the part of tenants, necessary works in the housing, etc.
The Lawyers we use already have already dealt with more than 3,000 buyers and real estate investors, of this amount 70% transactions took place in Spain. This volume of operations makes us true specialists in the real estate market, particularly in the Costa del Sol and Marbella.

Corporate Law

We can offer corporate secretarial services for professional societies (notice of meeting of board or council, drafting of records and certifications of the agreements adopted, personal assistance to these meetings, among others); structural modifications of societies (mergers, splits, global assignment of active and passive, etc.), preventive advice of responsibility of administrators, risk capital operations, advice and implementation of common corporate operations (for example, statutory changes or dividends) and, in general, any trade advice that requires the activity of ordinary or extraordinary any company from the moment of its creation until its extinction.
The Corporate Team also offers advice on contractual matters including drafting or supervision agreements that go from the sale of companies to the refinancing and regulation of Joint Ventures, to the sale of credit portfolios.

We are always adapting to the needs of our customers and as such our advice and assistance is up to the minute and created for business customers to ensure they are up to the minute with all the factors that could affect their business.

Criminal Law

Finding yourself accused of a Crime in Spain can be a highly upsetting and worrying time, especially with the language barrier. Our team of Criminal Defence Experts speak perfect English and can assist you when you need them most.

Indeed, we have access to the best Criminal Law departments in Spain. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in dealing with all areas of crime from Assault to Fraud. Our cross border policy means that we can deal also with kidnappings & child abduction. Our Team of Lawyers and Economists also boast experience in dealing with serious White Collar Crimes, such as fraud and anti-competitive practice.

We are experts in dealing with the following issues:

  • Drink Driving in Spain.
  • Assault in Spain.
  • Drunk and Disorderly in Spain.
  • Theft in Spain.
  • Fraud in Spain
  • Corporate Crime in Spain.

Finance and Banking Law

Our Finance and Banking Team is led and coordinated by a prestigious jurist & a high Court Judge in Spain currently on sabbatical. The team´s work is consumer driven, and we are currently working on the “clausala suelo” or Interest Floor Clause outrage which has been created by Spanish Banks. Our team assist thousands each year who have been over charged and overpaying their Mortgages.

Among the other services provided by our expert team are:

  • Stopping auctions and foreclosures.
  • Minority shares.
  • Preferred shares.
  • Subordinated debentures of convertible bonds.
  • Swaps or or financial exchanges.
  • Multi Currency Mortgages.
  • Foreclosure.
  • Opposition to evictions.
  • Claims of responsibility for the management of investment funds.
  • Claims against Off Plan Developments.

Immigration Law

If you are moving to Spain to start a business or to buy a house here, or planning to stay more than 185 days a year you will need some Legal Advice and Assistance.
Our Lawyers have been around for quite a while now and are aware of all of the issues that could affect you, such as tax planning and applying for Spanish residence, and our experienced lawyers can take the pain of the paperwork away.
We also boast a dedicated China Desk, which is aimed specifically at those who are looking to invest in Spain.

Among the most requested services, we would emphasize:

  • Management of the NIE.
  • Taxation of non-residents.
  • Golden Visas.
  • Extradition and asylum.
  • Taxation and VAT refunds to non-residents.
  • Dedicated China Desk.

Family Law

We have a team of expert Family Lawyers, who aim to take some of the pain out of dealing with Family Issues such as divorce and custody of Children. Our team boasts an English qualified Solicitor which means that we can deal competently with cross border issues, and you can also make both your English and Spanish wills with us.

Among the most requested services are the following:

  • Separation, divorce and annulment.
  • Child Custody
  • Adoptions.
  • Contentious Probate.
  • Wills, both Spanish and English.
  • Mediation in disputes arising from the Law of family and/or succession

Employment Law

Our Employment team is headed up by a Professor of Employment Law and a former Spanish Judge. Our team of Experts is dedicated to helping our clients as much as possible in this massively important area. So you, our client, are in safe hands.

We cover each and every one of the aspects of this particularly sensitive area of practice in the sphere of business, with the goal of helping our clients to organize their Employment relations according to their specific needs. The most important services in Employment Law are: employment contracts in general, recruitment of senior managers, non-competition clauses, confidentiality, covenants and agreements of collective field, collective agreements, strike, lockout, Audit of labor and Social Security, transfer & succession of company, individual dismissal, modification of collective working conditions, collective movements.

Administrative Law

We have a specialist Administrative Law team which provides advice to both public sector entities such as private companies and to individuals. We have top level professional team, highly qualified in the field which enables the company to successfully deal with insolvency and administrative procedures.

Among our specialties in this sector, are:

  • Compulsary Purchases.
  • Subsidies & Grants.
  • Urban Planning.
  • Procurement.

Bankruptcy Law

Our Insolvency Team prides itself in providing practical advice for those who need it the most. The team is made up of the right blend of Lawyers and Economists with experience in group restructuring, debt refinance, creditor rights, liability issues, capital expenditure and bankruptcy.

Our lawyers have a strong reputation for our hard work, and our objective is to do all we can to save your company.

Tax Law

We know that Tax demands in your own language can be difficult so of course our Tax department are experts in Spanish, EU and English Tax rules. What really sets our lawyers apart from the competition is their truly global status. We have lawyers in 4 countries and a network of lawyers beyond that, we can provide quick and easy answers to tough tax questions.

Mediation and Arbitration

To demonstrate our commitment to legal services, our lawyers were among the first to become a Regulated Mediator after the law changed in 2012. We are well known for our diplomatic approach which we think promotes a path to peaceful resouloution.
In 2014 our lawyers assisted in more than a hundred processes of mediation in civil and commercial matters, primarily in the banking field, which in 95% of cases were agreed without litigation. We also pride ourselves in the fact that our mediations rarely last longer than one month. This time saving attitude also saves our Clients money. We also have Lawyers who are experts in arbitration who will always look for another way, to save the Client from hefty court costs.

Maritime & Shipping Law

Our Shipping and Maritime Law team offer their clients expert advice and assistance in the field of international trade, transport and logistics.
Our aim is to offer, whatever your main activity (logistics, shipping and ports, rail, transportation by road or air), a coverage of comprehensive, multidisciplinary services. For these purposes, the Department is made up of the various professional areas of specialty, mainly, commercial, tax and administrative, all of them with extensive experience in the field of maritime law and transport.

Some of the services we have to offer:

  • Comprehensive advice to companies and public administrations.
  • Port law advice for freight forwarders, towing companies, and port handlers and loading and unloading.
  • Ship Arrest, advice for both creditors and debtors.
  • Sale, construction and financing of vessels.
  • Flag and registration of vessels. Compliance with the administrative requirements in the field of SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW, etc.
  • Advice in dealing with maritime administrations and port. Drafting of resources and demands contentious-administrative. Taxes and port fees. Concessions.
  • Claims for damage to the goods.
  • Management of abandoned ships.
  • Wreck removal.
  • Chartering of sport boats.
  • Maritime Accidents: approaches and rescues. Responsibility for marine pollution.
  • Maritime criminal law.

Whatever your needs we have the lawyer.

We understand that a client’s needs are diverse and dynamic.

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